Time to Fight

It is time to fight for the Church.  I know the objections:

  • I don’t have any power to make any impact.
  • I don’t know how, or where to begin.

Those are reasonable.  I had them when I first started to some extent.  But I began, and in the end two of my operations you read about in the Washington Post and the third I can’t even talk about at all.  All are ethical, legal, and moral, but I have reasons to keep quiet.  The important thing is the mindset: I WILL FIGHT.  You’ll find ways.

I remember how I began.  I cut my tithe to 5%, and reserved the other 5% for militant Catholic groups that were doing something.  The parishes I used to attend were moderate-to-conservative milk toast affairs that were not battling anti-Christ.  They got a relatively small group of people to heaven, so they deserved their 5%, because getting people to heaven is the ONLY goal.  I kept my eyes open for groups that did more and I funded them.  It might have been mailing them a $50 check (we didn’t have PayPal back then).  I was fighting.  That was what I could do at the time and so I did it.

Beyond the grandiose endeavors, recently I funded an anti-Atheist book, and now I produce an anti-Marxist blog / podcast and promote my anti-Leftist book.  Is Marxism a vector the devil uses to attack the Church?  Does he use atheism to drag souls to hell and destroy society?

Coming up in a few months will be my latest operation.  I’m fired up about it and you will see the importance of it.  It is going to be the most important operation I’ve ever done in this war.

You want to begin?  Are you on Facebook?  How about promoting my daughter’s book: A Young Catholic’s Guide to Defending the Faith?  Where are the ratings and comments on Amazon?  How hard is that, it’s only a 30 second post?  Do you homeschool?  Review the book in a homeschool meet up.  Here’s an easy exercise, go to online homeschool Catholic bookstores and search for a book that prepares your kids to defend against atheism.  The number is zero.  Promote the book, this is an easy way to fight that only takes a small amount of time.  It is important because atheism is stealing far more Catholic kids than Protestantism.  Atheists go to hell.

How about promoting this blog and podcast?  How many podcasts are out there that promote the free market in a Catholic way?  I don’t know of any.  You don’t know one conservative Catholic who is disheartened about what is coming out of the Vatican?  Send him here.

Can you write a book, start a blog, or create a Facebook page?  Maybe that is not your thing, so promote people who are doing it.

What about OnePeterFive?  Go to his store and buy some stuff.  If you drink coffee, spend an extra $5 and buy his coffee.

Pro Life movement?  Crisis Pregnancy?

Then there are good seminaries.  Donate to the FSSP seminary, or the SSPX seminary.  Offer up a rosary for good priests.

It’s all a mindset.  Decide you are going to fight, then do it.  Jesus Christ Who shed every drop of His Most Precious Blood to save you suffered for you.  Will you fight for Him?


Podcast Episode 7: Virtue and Original Sin

I discuss virtue, 2 in particular, Original Sin and Subsidiarity.  I left out one point: “What does the Left fear more than anything?  The statement: “We don’t need you.” “.  This is related to the saying discovered by #GamerGate and amplified by the alt-right: “We don’t care”.  Somewhat germane to their hatred of subsidiarity.

Direct Link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/catholicsubsidiarity/Ep_7_Virtues.mp3

God Exists

Not an economics post, but certainly Catholic.

This post covers a proof of the existence of God.  To be precise, it shows that an exclusively material explanation of reality is false.  This is not an argument for the existence of the Christian God, which is done by other means, but instead it shows that atheists are full of crap.

The proof is the existence of qualia.  If you don’t know what qualia are, that is fine, I’ll give you an example: red.  Red as red.  Redness.  What is red?  Where is red?  When is red?

You look at a red ball.  There’s some red, on the ball.  See it?  And that is the problem.  If you are seeing it, how is red over there and you are over here?  We know from science that the surface of the ball is a solid lattice that is vibrating.  Due to the molecular properties, the lattice absorbs certain photons and reflects other photons at a given frequency.  That is not red, it is photons.

These photons strike cones on your retina which through very complex nano switching sends an electric impulse through your optic nerves to your brain.  Electric impulses are not red.

The impulses are registered in your brain in a bit code.  Now we don’t fully understand the bit code, and it may be some sort of optimized version like octal or hex, but it’s a bit code at the base level, open and closed neurons.  Open and closed neurons is not red.  And that’s it, no red.

Note, “Evolution of the Gaps” will not solve this.  We can look in the brain, and we don’t see a red ball.  We know the physical material properties.  All that is there are neural connections.  That’s not red.

At the end of the day, Red qua Red is immaterial.  Red does not materially exist, it immaterially exists.  And since it is immaterial, it has no place nor time.  It can associate with material things like the red ball, but Red qua Red has no place.  It also has no time.  It just is.  Starting to sound somewhat like the characteristics of an immaterial God, doesn’t it?

Or consider the old childhood riddle you use to play.  “If I could look out through your eyes, maybe I’d see a blue ball instead of a red ball, and you have been calling blue red, and red blue”.    Guess what?  It’s not childish.  In fact science can never answer that question.  Science will eventually be able to read the neural code.  It can compare your code when you look at a red ball, say 100010010001. And it can look at someone else’s code.  And maybe they match, but they can’t determine if your code corresponds with you seeing “red” and someone else seeing “red”.  The “childish” riddle is unsolvable.

Bottom line, the immaterial world exists.  It is real.  Some argue it is more “real” than the material world.  And this is a huge problem for atheists that they can not solve.

Usury addendum

I was listening to an interview the other day on the Fox Sirius radio channel.  The person being interviewed was John Kasich, governor of Ohio, a Republican.  He was asked about problems with the proposed TrumpCare.  To paraphrase:

“Well, it contains $X Billion dollars for preexisting conditions.  No governor can support that, because it is nowhere near enough.”

OK.  So Ohio can’t provide subsidized health plans to those with preexisting conditions.  That makes sense.  If he tried to raise taxes enough for the handout, he’d get thrown out of office.  And his legislature isn’t going to even vote on that since they rather like the coke and whores that goes along with their job, and they want to keep the party going.

But why does he think the Feds can do it?  Oh yeah, that’s right, the Federal Government has the Federal Reserve bankers’ guild which will buy all the bonds they can print.  Then the bankers can come collect on our unborn grandkids.  Isn’t that great?  Our unborn grandchildren can live in a world with crappy streets, high prices, high taxes, no jobs, and reduced police and fire protection while they are forced to pay back the Trillions and Trillions of dollars in debt.

There was another comment he made, that he couldn’t support a plan that would “deny” people coverage.  Think about that.  Have you heard of any law being proposed that would make it illegal for you to go to a doctor?  (The irony is that it is illegal for you to shop across state lines or buy real insurance.  I’ll go over that in the upcoming podcast).  No, there’s no law that makes it illegal for you to go the doctor.  So let’s insert some truth into his statement: “I oppose Trumpcare because he refuses to saddle our unborn grandchildren with mountains of debt so that everyone can get Fed cash and prizes today.”.  Put’s it in perspective.

The good news is I think this blows up a lot sooner than people are planning on.  Puerto Rico just got wiped out with $100 Billion in debt.  That’s big leagues.  The next bigger domino will fall.  It will be a major US city or a country in Europe.  It’s coming soon.

Vox Getting Close to Subsidiarity

Tee’d up at the important point.  Vox is discussing how to maximize human liberty, outside of Libertarianism, that is, how to maximize human liberty with a government.  The answer is subsidiarity.  Push the power down to the lowest level possible.  Let the local community decide things.  The whole video is worth watching.

On Justice

There is throughout society and in the Catholic Church a serious problem:  Most people don’t understand what is meant by Justice.  This is one of the fundamental flaws in the Leftist world view.  Now Justice is simply this: receiving what you are owed, or paying what is owed.  Justice can be abstracted to the fact that you CAN be owed.  This ability to be owed is due to God.  Let us look at an example that demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of what Justice means.

The example is that of the term Social Justice.  Taken literally, in a society of strict social justice handicapped people starve to death.  The reason this is just is because the handicapped person can not work, and therefore no one owes him any food.  If you can not accept this, then you do not understand what is meant by justice.  For the protecting and provisioning of handicapped people does not fall under Justice, but under Charity.  It is the love of our fellow man that spurs us to provide for the indigent.  In fact, it would be more fitting to call these activities Social Mercy.

However, therein lies the problem.  It is my suspicion that a large segment on the left is mentally ill, driven by feelings of insecurity and inadequacy that leads them to be control freaks.  Now consider that “Mercy” and “Charity” are free, there is no compunction.  Under Mercy, the grantor of the charitable act does so by his choose alone.  He is not indebted, and if he chooses to withhold Mercy, there is no offense committed.  To the Leftist, this causes psychic pain, for there is no insurance that they will be provided for.  Therefore they conjure up some imaginary debt that the makers and producers owe to the takers, parasites, and looters.

This leads me to discuss a great evil: “Mercy” at the expense of an injustice.  An example is the government welfare system.  There is some element of Mercy (though in reality this is a bastardization), in that some politician or scab sucking maggot social worker grants money to some person.  However it is at the expense of an injustice; in the pointing of the government gun at the producer to take what is redistributed to the parasite.

Only when you fully accept what the Catholic Church means by the virtue of Justice will you be able to analyze these economic situations.  The poor and indigent should be cared for by the Church, Catholic Relief Societies, and Catholic Medical systems.  This is not the responsibility of the government.