Frac Hoax

I want to say up front this is probably 10% true, but it is strange.

I wrote a full post on fracking, so if you are interested check out the May archive (May 10). To recap, I pointed out a major blunder on the frac hoax side. In short if you read any fracking article they always want to state the evil trinity of the frac fluid recipe: sand, water, and CHEMICALS. The obvious reason is to scare the public with the word chemicals. I pointed out they screwed up by including “sand”. The reason is because this shows the size of the fractures created, the width of a grain of sand. This is because the sand props open the fractures.

I wrote the same article on a forum about a year ago, and not soon after I read some fracking articles that stated “water and chemicals”, but left out the sand. Again, 90% chance it was a coincidence. So here it is a few weeks after my last article and what do I find in an AP story?

The energy industry uses hydraulic fracturing , or fracking , to extract oil and gas from rock by injecting high-pressure mixtures of water, sand or gravel and chemicals.

So probably a coincidence, but there’s a 10% chance someone who follows me posted the information on social media that has a larger audience and the fake news media felt a need to change their story. Don’t know. Anyhow gravel is never used for fracking. There’s no way to create a slurry with gravel, and the gravel would never pass through the perforations in your casing. The hoax media wants to spread the impression of larger cracks in the formation.

If you are on social media, start spreading this story. If you are on twitter (I’m not), how about starting #frackhoax.

Misallocation and Usury

An excellent interview with Lacy Hunt.  Ties in usury and misallocation.  I’ll be picking up a copy of Kendlebergers Manias, Panics, and Crashes.  Hunt seems to hold my thesis.  Long bond yields go down and be very careful about the stock market.  The purpose of this interview is not to advise you on investments, but to get you to think about the Austrian concept of misallocation, and how usury plays into that.  Note Hunt uses the term “wrong kind of debt”.  We’ll correctly identify that as USURY.  Interview starts a few minutes in.

Move to Russia

Something you have to kick around.  The US has $20 TRILLION in federal debt alone, and multiples of that in unfunded liabilities.  As I discussed in my Podcast, medical costs are not going to get fixed.  To top it off the country drifts leftward.  Bernie probably would have beat Trump.  I think he has a good shot for 8 years, but who knows.

I don’t think the country gets fixed.  Think about Detroit.  EVERYBODY knew it was heading for bankruptcy, but the politicians would never man up and fix it.  Practically speaking if they HAD tried, they would have been kicked out of office.  So the politicians let it crash and burn so they could wring their hands and whine: “It wasn’t our fault.  We couldn’t prevent it.”

Don’t believe me?  Well look at Chicago, or even Illinois.  EVERYBODY knows they are going bankrupt.  Are they fixing it?  How about the $20 TRILLION Federal debt?

So you know it is coming.  The only sane country in the world that is Christian is Russia.  If you have kids you have to think long and hard about getting them to learn the Russian language then moving over there to some Catholic region (assuming it exists).  Our ancestors up and moved, it’s probably getting to where our kids need to think about it.

Treasury Direct

I’ve been using Treasury Direct for a few months now and it is a nice service.  Here’s a review of what it is:

Treasury Direct is a government internet service that allows you to buy T-bills.  It is run by the Treasury.  You can buy other Treasury instruments with the service, however I’m sticking to T-bills.  The government account links to your bank account, so when you purchase a T-bill they use a service similar to “Bill Pay” to withdraw the money directly.  When you hit “Approve” on Treasury Direct, they withdraw the money; you don’t have to do anything else.  When the T-bill matures, they deposit the money back into your bank account.  There is also a reinvest option per transaction which I intend to use.

What is a T-bill?  A T-bill is a relatively short term instrument that you purchase at a discount.  They are sold in $100 increments.  So if you buy (1) T-bill, Treasury Direct will withdraw say $95 dollars.  After maturity, they pay you $100.  The time periods available are 4 weeks, 13 weeks, 26 weeks, and 52 weeks.

An important feature of T-bills is that they are safer than a bank account.  If T-bills ever go belly-up, we are living in an apocalypse and the banks have long ago blown up.  The only thing safer than a T-bill is gold.  (You should own a little gold and silver.  I like junk silver coins).

T-bills pay more than a CD, and there is no commission if you use Treasury Direct.  T-bills are linked to Fed action since they are on the short end of the yield curve.  Theoretically this means 13 week and 26 week bills should have the most movement, and I’m laddering in to them.  Note, I don’t give investment advice, and if there is one area where I’m a novice, it is with interest rate investing, so do your own research.

Currently 26 week T-bills are paying 1.07%.  I am currently building a “ladder” which means purchasing a few each month, then adding to that “tranche” when they mature.  Doing this over time your account grows.  A nice feature of this is that if an emergency comes up you will have a certain tranche mature that month and you can use the money for the emergency.

Here’s a link to current interest rates:  Current Interest Rate Link

Here’s the link to Treasury Direct:

I’ll put Treasury Direct in my Links section.  That way if you want to get to your account, you can come to this isle of sanity and get your fill of a few podcasts and blogposts, then head over to Treasury Direct to take care of your finances.

Some of the more observant people reading this who also read my book are probably thinking: “You hypocrite, this is usury you are advocating.”.  If you are thinking this, I salute you for bringing up a reasonable objection.  However, recall I wrote that in a fiat paper money system, if the interest you receive is less than the inflation rate, it is not usury, as in Justice you are due back the VALUE that you lent.  Inflation is somewhere around 2%, so you can invest with a clean conscience.  This is an investment in safety primarily.

Cultural Marxism Game Plan

Someone is following the KGB plan.

  • Demoralization — complete
  • Destabilization — currently underway
  • Crisis — coming soon
  • Normalization — leftist take over

I suspect Soros, but who knows.  Check out this video of a KGB defector.  Cued up at the right place, but the whole video is interesting.  He goes more in depth on this subject in a classroom setting.  Search “Yuri Bezmenov” on Youtube

Note after this video came out, Reagan was elected and turned back the program. It seems like it got going again under Obama, though I don’t think it is Russia. I suspect someone like Soros. If you want to see “demoralization”, just check out the SJWs. The current political crisis is “Destabilization”. The government is getting paralyzed. Crisis is coming up.