Delusional Leftists will Freeze

I love the leftists in their lollipop world.

Owners of other kinds of plants keep shutting them down due to economic pressure: Massachusetts’ last coal-fired power plant just switched off, and one of three coal plants left in New England, in Connecticut, is slated to change to natural gas. The Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts is also scheduled to close.

But gas pipelines have proved challenging to build in the region, and capacity hasn’t expanded much. The grid operator has a new plan, starting next year, to offer financial rewards to generators that perform well when the system is taxed, though it acknowledged this may not be enough on the coldest days.

Peter Shattuck, who directs the Massachusetts office at the Acadia Center, which supports clean energy, said New England should rely on backup oil to run power plants until an expected surge in renewables comes in the next decade. He doesn’t favor gas pipelines.

“The big boost in renewables is coming,” he said. “We need to start using less gas.”

In summary, New England is shutting down coal and nuke plants, and plans on building more gas power plants.  The only problem is that the eco-freaks won’t let anyone build new natural gas pipelines to supply the power plants.  So the delusional Shattuck recommends running on backup oil.  And how are you going to get the oil to the power plants idiot?  If you can’t build a gas pipeline, how are you going to build an oil pipeline?  You’ll also need huge tanks to store the oil.  Then you can pay much higher rates for the oil fired electricity while you wait for the magical “renewables” to show up delivered by the flying unicorn that sh*ts rainbow skittles.

This reminds me of two quotes from Rand.  In one, a producer was interogating a parasite trying to find out how he could be so delusional:

Producer: If you do these policies, you’ll starve.  You are making it impossible to stay in business.  How can you do this?  What are you counting on?

Parasite:  We don’t think about those things.  That’s your business.  You’ll figure it out.

Here Rand was showing that the problem is with the Producers agreeing to work in conditions where excellence is punished.  Her solution is to let the parasites finally face the consequences of Leftism.  This is known as Moral Hazard.

Next is her famous quote:

You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

So New England is heading full steam towards brown outs and black outs.  Sit back and laugh.  Take the advice of everyone’s favorite godless heathen (pray for his conversion) Aaron Clarey: Enjoy the Decline.  (This is the title of his book, which will keep you sane.  Pick up a copy.)

Cultural Marxism Game Plan

Someone is following the KGB plan.

  • Demoralization — complete
  • Destabilization — currently underway
  • Crisis — coming soon
  • Normalization — leftist take over

I suspect Soros, but who knows.  Check out this video of a KGB defector.  Cued up at the right place, but the whole video is interesting.  He goes more in depth on this subject in a classroom setting.  Search “Yuri Bezmenov” on Youtube

Note after this video came out, Reagan was elected and turned back the program. It seems like it got going again under Obama, though I don’t think it is Russia. I suspect someone like Soros. If you want to see “demoralization”, just check out the SJWs. The current political crisis is “Destabilization”. The government is getting paralyzed. Crisis is coming up.

More on the Leftist Mindset

An interesting discussion between Cernovich and Posobiec:

I gave you the model, and here’s a great example.  There’s one word for these people: inadequate.  That is why Mike and Jack witnessed the hatred coming from the elite fake journalists.  Those people know they are not real journalists.  They are sell out hacks, and they know it.  They also know that if the bribes and payoffs weren’t there, they would starve.  Because they lack the ability to do journalism.

Thus the hatred.  They hate Jack and Mike because they are the real deal.  The darkness can not abide by the Light.  There’s an element of that.  When Jack and Mike walk into the Whitehouse briefing room, they are the light of truth illuminating the inadequacy of the Leftists.  The Left responds with hatred.  They can’t produce, so the only way they can feel any power is to destroy.

Did you ever wonder why the Leftists always kill millions?  As I wrote before, I agree this is reality, but I still can’t accept it.  I worship Life.  I want to produce.  I can’t imagine not wanting that.

Models Explaining the Left

I am obviously on the right according to the economic spectrum I put forward in my book.  Now while I admit that the leftists suffer from various delusions and sometimes downright evil, I can’t accept it.  This is because I worship Life and want to create.  I can not accept that people would want to worship death and seek destruction.  And yet I admit they do.  Perhaps you have this same problem of accepting the Leftist mindset.

In order to wrap your brain around understanding what a leftist believes, I’ve come up with various models, listed in the order of malevolence:

1. The Feel Good Leftist:  These are ignorant people who are usually young.  They want to “do good” and help people.  This is why they willingly support government efforts to spend money.  Their main problem is the lack of recognizing there is nothing good in voting for a government that spends money, even if, per impossibile, we assume it is benign.  It lacks virtue and merit to just vote.  They are also woefully ignorant about economics.  A classic example is the good looking young feminist woman.  She will spout her feminist crap while in college, but a few years later she will marry and have kids, at which point she starts opposing feminism.  In general, leftists in this category can usually be reasoned with.

2.  Left as Religion:  These people are agnostic or atheist.  While similar to the Feel Good Leftist, they are more hardened in their views as they are trying to fill the emptiness they have.  They usually discover leftism in school and join the cult.  It is usually a waste of time challenging their views as they would be left with nothing if they give up their leftist mindset.

3.  The Insecure:  These people never grew up and need mommy to wipe their arse.  In place of mommy they substitute government.   They look to government power to protect them and relieve them of their insecurity.  It is a waste of time talking to them as any efforts to oppose government they will view as a personal threat.  These people are mentally ill.

4.  The Haters:  For whatever reason, perhaps childhood trauma, they view themselves as worthless.  This manifests itself in their hatred of creators.  Since they view themselves as powerless and worthless, they view the only way for themselves to have power is to destroy the creators.  They worship death and get a thrill out of controlling others.  These people are mentally ill and demonic.  The only way to cure them is to take them on a helicopter ride.

5.  The Sadist:  These people have similar traits as the Haters, however they don’t feel worthless.  Instead they are diabolical narcissists who are filled with pride.  They relish power for power’s sake and get a kick out of controlling others.  A classic example was Stalin.  Again, it is worthless to try to talk with these people.  Reserve a seat on the helicopter for them.

Pocast Segment 3: Racism on the Left

Segment 3: Before listening to the podcast, you should first watch the youtube video. The whole video is good, but the relevant part starts at 39:30.

The racism in this lady is remarkable. I want to draw your attention to 2 arguments she makes, one showing her racism and a second showing a problem with the leftist world view of utopia.:

1. Where she proffers that blacks who were given vouchers would not choose what’s best for their children.

2. Her asking, “What would you do now for people stuck in poverty?”.

And now for the podcast:

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