Podcast Ep. 31: Tolerance

A discussion on Tolerance, Diversity, and Inclusion.

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Lads, if you want to follow the advise in the podcast, review the EEOC field manual that their agents use in investigating a complaint.  When filing a complaint, make sure that you make it easy for the EEOC agent to rule in your favor.  Remember, he will go through this manual, so tee it up for him.  So if you go to diversity training and are asked to describe how homosexuals would benefit your workplace, you would state: “As a Catholic, my sincerely held religious belief is that homosexual acts are always gravely evil.  Therefore that is my answer.  Furthermore, answering this question provides no business purpose, especially since I am an accountant that enters invoices in the computer.  Furthermore allowing me to skip this question clearly is a de minimus cost.”  Here’s their manual:  https://www.eeoc.gov/policy/docs/religion.html

Podcast Ep 29 Feminism

Around 1990 Ford introduced the Explorer.  What was it?  It was a station wagon that was wrapped in a masculine veneer that allowed women to buy it.  Why does a station wagon need to be masculinized in order to allow women to buy it?  Listen to the podcast.

One more thing, I left out something comical I’ve noticed about women.  Minor, but part of the ideal is to be “interested in travel”.   That’s been going around.

Download Link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/catholicsubsidiarity/Ep_29_Feminism.mp3