Ep. 36: Trump Review. A review of Trump’s accomplishments.

Ep. 35: Existence. A philosophical discussion on metaphysics. Have an adult beverage and choice leaf handy.

Ep. 34: Problems in the Church.  A review of 2 books I recently read.

Ep. 33: The problem of evil. My discussion about the classic “problem”.

Ep. 32: Las Vegas. A discussion on the Las Vegas shootings.

Ep. 31: Tolerance.  A discussion on Tolerance, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Ep. 30: Armageddon.  Always a popular topic.  In Fatima it is foretold that the Great Apostacy begins at the top.

Ep. 29: Feminism.  It’s effects on men and women, and what to do about it.  How come it was acceptable for women to buy the new “station wagon” called the Explorer?

Ep. 28:  Hatred on the Left.  Getting deeper into the underpinnings of the hatred we are seeing.

Ep. 27: Information A philosophical discussion. If you are having problems with the player, go to the individual blog post and click on the MP3 link. That will work.


Ep. 26: Soteriology Problems with the embedded player. The above link should open your native player. A discussion on Catholic Soteriology.

Ep 25 Flow A discussion on the flow of funds. If you can’t play this, go to the blog post and click the direct link and it will play.

Ep 24: Usury A discussion on Usury.

Ep 23: Magnanimity: A discussion on the Catholic Virtue of Magnanimity.

Episode 22: Free Trade: A discussion on the problems with Free Trade.

Episode 21: Victim Signaling:  A discussion of the leftist mindset and the introduction of a new term: Victim Signaling.

Episode 20: Unions  A discussion on Trade Unions with an update on Houston.

Episode 19: Forward Develop a positive mindset under current conditions.

Episode 18: Trump’s Failure How Trump has failed.

Episode 17: Civil War My daughter interviews me about what to expect in the near future.

Episode 16: Fall of the West Why doesn’t Europe respond to moslem violence?

Episode 15: Where’s the inflation? A discussion on monetary and price inflation.

Episode 14: Distributism A discussion on the leftwing system called Distributism.

Episode 13: Social Credit A discussion of the threat of the Mark of the Beast.

Episode 12: Atheists are Ignorant  Answering Clarey’s challenge: Proving God without using the Bible.

Episode 11: Social Security An analysis of Social Security.

Episode 10: Problems in the Vatican  Hopefully this will help some Catholics make sense of the situation.

Episode 9: The Debt Paradox  Why bonds are performing well.

Episode 8: Washington Escapades  Corruption in DC and the Comey affair.

Episode 7: Virtue and Original Sin  A discussion about 2 virtues, Original Sin and Subsidiarity.

Episode 6: High Medical Costs  An important podcast contrasting high medical costs vs. high health plan costs, and what to do about it.

Episode 5: Marxism on a Catholic Forum  I go over some points brought up by Leftists on a conservative Catholic forum.

Episode 4: Capital  Definition of capital, and a discussion about capital formation, capital accumulation, and capital misallocation.

Episode 3: Racism on the Left.  I go over a Youtube video from 1981 that shows the racism of low expectations on the Left.  The video was an interview with Thomas Sowell and is available in the post for this Podcast.  Here’s the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y021WAdUlW8

Episode 2: Introductory Podcast. I go over why I wrote the book and my plans for the podcast and blog.

Episode 1: This was an interview I did with my daughter Adrienne on her book against Atheism.  It really has no bearing on economics, but I posted it to practice using the podcast software.  If you are a Catholic with children, you will be interested in this book.  It is called A Young Catholics Guide to Defending the Faith and is available on Amazon.