Welcome to my blog.


Welcome to my blog.  My posts are organized by date and topic.  I also have a podcast where I discuss economics and also some Catholic issues.  Please purchase my book if you have not already.  Here is the link:  Link to Book

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All of my podcasts are listed in the podcast page located in the menu.  When I publish a new podcast, I’ll update the page, and also publish a blog post on it which will include a direct download link.  There is also a podcast binge player for those who are new here.  You can also go directly to http://catholicsubsidiarity.libsyn.com to listen or download my podcasts.

Regular ole blogposts can be accessed via the right widget area.  The 5 most recent posts will be listed as well as a dated archive and a categories section.

Finally, check out my links which will feature interesting books as well as links to other websites.