Burke Update

My original story on Burke was incorrect.  Burke did NOT sign the letter denouncing the heresies of Bergoglio.  The most prominent signature so far is Bishop Fellay of the SSPX.

And it gets worse.  In a brilliant move, Bergoglio has reappointed Cardinal Burke as the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.  This will be viewed as an endorsement of Bergoglio by his main antagonist.  Clearly the accusations of heresy has the Vatican worried.

Pray for Cardinal Burke that he will ignore all threats and pressures he faces, so that he will do the right thing.  As of now Catholics hold the heretical view that they can divorce and remarry, due to the teachings of Bergoglio.  These are grave times.

Anti-Atheist Free Guide

Attached is a free guide for A Young Catholic’s Guide to Defending the Faith.  This is an excellent homeschooling tool to keep your kids from becoming atheist.  Clink on this link to download:  Teachers Guide

The book is available for purchase at this link:  (Remember to rate and leave a comment).


Note even if you don’t homeschool, you can still use this book and guide to teach your kids.  People who teach CCD should also take a look.

Burke on the Move

Evidently ++Burke will issue a correction letter to correct the heresies in Amoris Laetitia.  It’s a start.  Burke then has to realize that a person twice warned about these heresies is by definition a formal heretic, and make that known.  However for now this is promising.

Link to Story

Alt Tech

The Left had great tactics in the past, using Gramsci’s March through the Institutions to the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory to capture popular culture.  Then came the internet and the Left missed the boat.  The Right captured Twitter and Youtube, and the rest is history — Donald Trump had the biggest upset in political history.

Now the Left is evil, in fact diabolical, but they are not stupid.  It was obvious that they needed to shut down the Right on the internet, and that has begun.  It has only just begun, and it will intensify.  They will do what they can for 2018, but the prize is 2020.  By then Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter will be completely closed off.

Therefore the time is NOW to migrate to Alt Tech and build it up.  Below is a list of alternatives that you should utilize:

Operating System:  Easy.  Migrate to Linux if at all possible.  Search “LInux Mint”.  It is open source so what is under the hood is exposed to the internet.  Linux doesn’t “call home to momma” to report on you.

Wikipedia:  There was a hard fork done called Infogalactic.com.  Right now it is a bit slower than Wikipedia (though it is tolerable), however within six months they will deploy a better wiki-engine that will be faster than Wikipedia.  Start using it.  Get your kids to use it for school.

Google:  DuckDuckGo.com is the alternative.  It’s a decent search engine that doesn’t track you.

Browser:  I had been using Opera, but it has been bought out by the Chinese.  I am now back on Firefox.  Other alternatives are Pale Moon and Brave.   Firefox has one great advantage: plug ins that mess with Google and big tech.  If you go the Firefox route, install “Ad Nauseum” and “TrackMeNot”.  Ad Nauseum hides ads from you, but it also clicks on all ads and rat holes any responses and cookies.  This overloads the big brother database on you and also destroys the online ad business.  It is going to be a big problem as it grows in popularity, and it is growing.  Note it has a feature not to mess with ads that comply with EFF privacy guidelines.  You can enable that if you want (I have).

TrackMeNot uses a random engine to flood google with random searches.  Again it overloads the big brother database with search requests so that your real searches become meaningless (especially if you use duckduckgo).  A brilliant solution.

Twitter:  For now it is Gab.  Note Gab made a poor decision not to moderate, so people have been exposed to slander.  This may eventually sink Gab.  For now if you enjoy Twitter, Gab is a good alternative.

Youtube:  BitChute is a distributed video sharing platform very similar to Youtube.  It can’t be censored.  If you like browsing Youtube, start spending some time on BitChute to build it up.  It also does not have ads.  Another alternative is DTube.  To post to it you need a Steem account (discussed below), but anyone can watch videos.  Again, due to the architecture, it can’t be censored by leftists.  There are plans to evolve DTube into a stand-alone platform.

Facebook:  Minds.com is the alternative to Facebook.  Create an account and give it a try.

Blogging:  Blogger/Blogspot are run by Google.  The alternative is WordPress, which you run independently on many hosting sites.  There are less feature-rich alternatives which are easy to use.  First is Medium.com, which is attracting a strong user base.  Minds.com is oftentimes used for blogging.  An interesting one is Steemit.  Steemit uses blockchain technology to make censorship impossible.  It also has a crypto currency system called Steem.  When you post, you earn Steem, and when you vote/recommend other articles, you spend Steem.  Steem is a real crypto, and can be traded on crytocurrency exchanges.  The price is a little over $1.  It is an interesting way to support bloggers.  As mentioned previously, the video sharing element is called DTube.

Reddit:  The alternative is called Voat.  You can also check out 4chan and 8chan, though they are more primitive.

News:  Try news.infogalactic.com for the top headlines.  Also check out Breitbart and InfoWars.

Catholic:  If you are tired of watered-down Catholic sites, try sucipedomine.com and onepeterfive.com.

Email:  protonmail.com is a good alternative to gmail.

Smartphones:  The best (but not great) alternative is blackberry.  Karl Denninger has written about some hacks to keep Android from spying on you.  If you are tech-savvy, you can try that also.

Publishing:  Castalia House (search “Castalia House” on Amazon) has a no SJW/ No Political Correctness policy and has many great books.  For young reader, even books you read to your little kids, I recommend John C. Wright’s Moth and Cobweb series.  He is Catholic. For Teens, there is a new Western series by Peter Grant.  Start with “Brings the Lightning”.  For teens, CTRL-ALT-Revolt is SciFi that is an incredible book.  He comes up with an idea that is brilliant.  For adults, try some Owen Stanley.  His “Missionaries” will make you die of laughter.  You can imagine if an SJW college professor read this book Zhe would die of a heart attack.

Patreon:  Patreon is marginal right now.  If you want to support the Right, start browsing Freestartr.com.  You should also use it to support your projects.

Do your part.  The left is evil, but not stupid.  We need everyday people to start using alt-tech before 2020 comes.

Read My Lips

Read My Lips:  No new amnesties.

Meme that if you have the artistic ability.

And Trump strikes out with strike three:

  1. I wrote “Why Trump would Fail” and said I expected at least Obamacare to be repealed because the Republicans couldn’t be that stupid.  I was wrong.
  2. Trump is sending troops to Afghanistan for some unknown reason and has alienated the anti-war (me) wing of his supporters.
  3. Trump is working on amnesty for 800,000 illegals, and doesn’t get anything in return of note.  That’s 640,000 eventual dem voters in Texas, Florida, and Arizona, among other places.
  4. Bonus Strike 4 was raising the debt ceiling.  I don’t totally blame him for that.  We all know that the repubs would have caved, so Trump defanged the dems on their ploy.  Repubs would have been beat up by the press, and after being totally shamed, they would have caved anyway.   It is more a reflection on how screwed up a good chunk of the repubs are, and especially the leadership, than shading Trump.  I have to throw them a bone on the Senate.  With McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the 2 women Senators, kiss any real spending reform goodbye.

Go back and listen to my “Forward” podcast.  I’m not surprised at this, though it is more complete than I imagined.

Why is Trump doing something so stupid?  I can think of a few reasons:

  1.  4D Chess.  I doubt it, but he will get dems and repubs in Trump states to vote for amnesty.  This could help a lot during 2018 midterms assuming his base isn’t completely demoralized.  Possible.
  2. He’s cutting a deal with the dems, likely with tax reform.  He understands that the market is going to tank, likely in 2018, but definitely before 2020, and wants to help the economy.  Likely.
  3. He truly wants to give these people residency and eventual citizenship.  Also likely.  Trump isn’t the Nazi the press makes him out to be.

Bottom line the USA is so far gone there is no way to get the reforms we need.  With amnesty we’ll ratchet one more click to the Left and eventually lose Florida, Texas, and Arizona.  The path to the third world hell hole is almost a certainty.



Dollar Plunge

Looks like Lacey Hunt was on to something.  10Y Treasuries are rallying and the dollar is dropping like a rock.  World wide markets dropped.  There are many catalysts, though I believe the underlying economics are the root cause:

  • Major Hurricane will strike Florida.  Banks and insurance companies will get hit.
  • North Korea is a source of major uncertainty.
  • Fed has stopped raising.  Next move will be to bring back QE.
  • Debt ceiling was raised.  There will be no serious action on the budget until 2019.

The chart pattern for stocks still looks grim.  As always, I recommend selling half and moving to safety for now.  If I’m wrong, the other half will participate in any rallies, and your safe money will earn 1%.