Prime Mover

I’ve been interested in the concept of God the Prime Mover, and have just started to give it more thought.

There are two Greek dilemmas that led to the discovery of the immaterial world in a formal way.  These were opposite problems:

  1.  It is impossible for things to stay the same.
  2. It is impossible for things to move.

Now the first “problem” is not germane to the present discussion.  And note, both led to Aristotelian Metaphysics.  Let’s continue with the second problem.

For the Thomists out there, it is important to put away Metaphysics.  I know Metaphysics solves the problem with Cause/Effect and Act/Potential.  Wrap all of that up and bury it.  I’m talking about the material world.

From a scientific/material perspective, the problem that it is impossible for things to move has not been solved.  Let’s do a though experiment.

You observe me watching a video.  I hit pause and you come over to look at the screen.  On the screen are two spheres in space, and nothing else.  My video player is high tech/3-D which allows you to pan from different angles, zoom in, and zoom out to thoroughly analyze the paused frame.

Question: what will be the position of the spheres in the next frame?  From every observation imaginable, the answer is unknown.  Again from a purely physical perspective it appears that movement is impossible.  Why should the spheres “move”?  It also appears that the movement of the spheres is dependent upon immaterial information, which brings us back to metaphysics, i.e. Cause and Effect.  The bigger sphere is moving right because it is True that the bigger sphere is moving right.  A tautology, but tautologies can generate interesting ideas.

In a somewhat related case, I am fascinated by the Absurdist School, which is a school of philosophy that the heathens have.  It states that your existence and basically everything “true” is an absurdity.  Think about the precision of the so called cosmological constant that is required in order for the Universe to exist.  I agree, without the premise of God heathens MUST conclude that existence is absurd.

These are my initial musings of the Prime Mover.

What Word

I have talked about the immaterial world, and given some examples.  I’ve come up with another one that you have experienced and will hit home.

Consider when you can’t think of the word.  The immaterial “you” knows it exists.  How is that possible?  The material brain doesn’t have it, and yet “you” know it exists.  Here more than ever you are aware of the marriage between the material world and the immaterial, matter and form.  If the brain doesn’t know the word, then how do you know the word?  Atheism is disproven.

On the material side all of the material aspects of the word: acoustic encoding, letter encoding, relationship networks, etc… are mapped in bit code via neural connections.  When you can’t think of a word, for some reason those neural connections are cut off.

On the immaterial side, “you” have the immaterial meaning.  You often times can define the word, however the material aspects are cut off.  Put it this way, both you and a Japanese man may be grasping for the proper word, your’s in English, his in Japanese.  You both participate in the SAME immaterial meaning, though that meaning you map to different material encodings.

For it is the immaterial information and “meaning” that turn a material encoding into a word.  So eventually you reestablish a connection to the material mapping and your brain is again aligned with your immaterial soul.  It is interesting that the moment this happens, i.e. you remember the word, you feel relief and even joy.  This is because Truth has been reestablished.

Free Will

Do we have Free Will?  Yes, but we must define it.

You having Free Will means you are not compelled to make choices, you can change your mind, and you can try again.  The fact that you can “try again” is a proof you have Free Will.

However there are 2 constraints on this:

  1.  You are ordered to the good.  That is your Final Cause.  You can do you best to ignore it, and of course you can violate that order, which we call sinning, but you can not eliminate it, except in hell.  You are ordered to the good.
  2. You exist.  This is the kernel of your soul.  I Exist.  Again you can try to ignore it, to escape it, but you can not alter this.  You exist.

Clinton Arrest?

There’s been a lot of stories going around, most centered on Q over at 4chan that there have been a lot of arrests.  You never know, and realistically you give it a 20% prob.

Then it was McCain.  A new photo has emerged that raises the prob. to 80%.  Here it is:

Seems like the ankle bracelet got switched or something.  Note Hillary and Chelsea are also wearing boots.  The speculation is that they are doing this to cover up the ankle tracking bracelet worn during house arrest.


I remember a high point in my life.  I got a warning for speeding.  It was the one and only time it happened.

Now my wife NEVER got a speeding ticket.  She would turn on the tears and it always worked.  She would then snoot about it to me.  I was even with her one time when she used chemo to get out of a ticket for running a stop sign.  I felt like shaming the cop: “Don’t fall for it.”, but I was a loyal husband.

So one time driving through Texas late at night I get pulled over for 5 over.  The cop looks in the mini-van packed with sleeping kids and took pity on me.  He gave me a warning.  It was an incredible moment for me.

Something like this just happened.  I’m in Walmart the night before Thanksgiving.  For a man, it is sheer terror.  Large fat women rolling down the center of the isle, tussling to get at the bag of marshmallows.  Most men would prefer the root canal.  And the dread at the end of the ordeal, checking out.

So I get strategic and realize that the obese would not have the strength to wallow over to the far side cash registers, and that is where I head.  I run through my check list.  Check out girl is young, which is a 50/50.  Sometimes they are chatty.  No old ladies in line.  No welfare queens.  Just two old guys, the one up front is already paying.  He is chatting with the girl, so not perfect, but pretty darn good.

As I roll up, the middle old dude is putting his last groceries back in his cart and heading back to the store.  He forgot something.

I roll up, and start unloading.  The girl doesn’t chat with me and is actually quite good.  Very fast.  In fact, she is done before I can enter my PIN.

So there you have it.  The fastest check out I’ve ever had happened on the night before Thanksgiving in Walmart.  I will remember this night for the rest of my days.

Podcast Ep. 31: Tolerance

A discussion on Tolerance, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Download Link:

Lads, if you want to follow the advise in the podcast, review the EEOC field manual that their agents use in investigating a complaint.  When filing a complaint, make sure that you make it easy for the EEOC agent to rule in your favor.  Remember, he will go through this manual, so tee it up for him.  So if you go to diversity training and are asked to describe how homosexuals would benefit your workplace, you would state: “As a Catholic, my sincerely held religious belief is that homosexual acts are always gravely evil.  Therefore that is my answer.  Furthermore, answering this question provides no business purpose, especially since I am an accountant that enters invoices in the computer.  Furthermore allowing me to skip this question clearly is a de minimus cost.”  Here’s their manual:


We have had a nice run due to Trump.  There are three things going on:

  1. Repeal of a lot of regulations via executive order.
  2. Confidence among the producers.
  3. Accommodative Fed.

There are limits to this.  The big problem is Obamacare, which caps weekly manhours to 29.  Trump MIGHT be able to chip away at it, but he needs congress.  This applies to a lot of regulations.  Second is our high taxes, especially on business.  These need to be cut.  They can be cut, and the shortfall made up by borrowing, or we can get taxcuts coupled with drastic cuts to the Leviathan State.  You know which one it will be, if we get any taxcut.

The Fed is supposedly tightening.  It now looks like we’ll get another 0.25% hike in December.  Curiously I have looked for stories about the Fed starting to roll-off the debt they own, and haven’t found any.

Going forward, as long as rates stay low, a decent tax cut should give us a boost.  This continues until China starts cutting back on the free money they send us via their bond purchases.


Consider “White”.  It is a qualia like other “colors”, and shares the same essence.  It materially does not exist.  It is immaterial.

However White differs from other qualia in an important way.  White does not even have a message transfer component, which IS material, i.e. photons at call it 350 THz transmits the information “Red” (though this is just a guess, as my “Red” might be your “Green”).

However White does not have this.  We “see” white when a full spectrum of photons strikes our cones.  The cones do not have the resolution to separate out the various photons, and so the impulse of all of the frequencies sent through the optic nerve is perceived as “White”.  However in the material world there is NO frequency that corresponds to “White”.  Think about it until you get it.  Not only is White qua White immaterial, there is nothing in the material world that corresponds to transmitting “White”.

The proof is easy.  Shine red light at a whiteboard, and you will see a red board.  Another proof is the prism, which reveals the “White” is a mirage, in fact there is a full spectrum of frequencies present.

The significance of this is in the existence theorem.  Note there is no existence theorem for qualia.  However you could START an existence theorem for most qualia, however you eventually reach a dead end.  So an existence theorem for “Red” would START with observing that 350 THz photons corresponds with Red.  You can’t even START an existence theorem with “White”.

The immaterial world exists, and that is a fatal error for atheism.

It’s Not my Fault

If you want to distill modern man, it reduces to an incesant desire to be placed in a position where you may convincingly bleat:

It’s Not My Fault.

We saw it in Detroit.  Everyone saw the problem a decade prior to the collapse.  But government let it grow so that when it finally collapsed, turned over to a bankruptcy board, the government could bleat, “What were we supposed to do?  It was such a big problem.”  Your boss ever stab you in the back and blame you?  Another example, it is a common though strange phenomenon that as a contractor if you don’t charge enough, you won’t win a contract.  That is because management wants to be able to go to the Board if things go south and say, “It wasn’t our fault.  We hired the best of the best.”.  Another example?  Russiagate.  At this level, how do you fight it in your personal life?

It’s my fault.  Things are screwed up, it’s your fault.  We have a modern way of saying this, “Own It.”

We can abstract this 2 levels.  The first level is this, Non Servium.  The highest angel will be beneath Created Flesh in Jesus Christ?  Beneath the Virgin Mary?  He will not serve under these conditions,  It’s not his fault.  Our response?  Servium.  I WILL serve the Lord.

And the ultimate level, God is Evil.  The spiritual beings, pure spirit, are higher than man.  Therefore God is disordered and evil by proclaiming the Incarnation (a kernel that shows up in my most detested heretics, the neo-Jansenists).  Our response?  Life is Great, the Truth is always Beautiful, and God is the Form of the Good.  We live to love the Lord Who is Love itself.