We have had a nice run due to Trump.  There are three things going on:

  1. Repeal of a lot of regulations via executive order.
  2. Confidence among the producers.
  3. Accommodative Fed.

There are limits to this.  The big problem is Obamacare, which caps weekly manhours to 29.  Trump MIGHT be able to chip away at it, but he needs congress.  This applies to a lot of regulations.  Second is our high taxes, especially on business.  These need to be cut.  They can be cut, and the shortfall made up by borrowing, or we can get taxcuts coupled with drastic cuts to the Leviathan State.  You know which one it will be, if we get any taxcut.

The Fed is supposedly tightening.  It now looks like we’ll get another 0.25% hike in December.  Curiously I have looked for stories about the Fed starting to roll-off the debt they own, and haven’t found any.

Going forward, as long as rates stay low, a decent tax cut should give us a boost.  This continues until China starts cutting back on the free money they send us via their bond purchases.


Consider “White”.  It is a qualia like other “colors”, and shares the same essence.  It materially does not exist.  It is immaterial.

However White differs from other qualia in an important way.  White does not even have a message transfer component, which IS material, i.e. photons at call it 350 THz transmits the information “Red” (though this is just a guess, as my “Red” might be your “Green”).

However White does not have this.  We “see” white when a full spectrum of photons strikes our cones.  The cones do not have the resolution to separate out the various photons, and so the impulse of all of the frequencies sent through the optic nerve is perceived as “White”.  However in the material world there is NO frequency that corresponds to “White”.  Think about it until you get it.  Not only is White qua White immaterial, there is nothing in the material world that corresponds to transmitting “White”.

The proof is easy.  Shine red light at a whiteboard, and you will see a red board.  Another proof is the prism, which reveals the “White” is a mirage, in fact there is a full spectrum of frequencies present.

The significance of this is in the existence theorem.  Note there is no existence theorem for qualia.  However you could START an existence theorem for most qualia, however you eventually reach a dead end.  So an existence theorem for “Red” would START with observing that 350 THz photons corresponds with Red.  You can’t even START an existence theorem with “White”.

The immaterial world exists, and that is a fatal error for atheism.

It’s Not my Fault

If you want to distill modern man, it reduces to an incesant desire to be placed in a position where you may convincingly bleat:

It’s Not My Fault.

We saw it in Detroit.  Everyone saw the problem a decade prior to the collapse.  But government let it grow so that when it finally collapsed, turned over to a bankruptcy board, the government could bleat, “What were we supposed to do?  It was such a big problem.”  Your boss ever stab you in the back and blame you?  Another example, it is a common though strange phenomenon that as a contractor if you don’t charge enough, you won’t win a contract.  That is because management wants to be able to go to the Board if things go south and say, “It wasn’t our fault.  We hired the best of the best.”.  Another example?  Russiagate.  At this level, how do you fight it in your personal life?

It’s my fault.  Things are screwed up, it’s your fault.  We have a modern way of saying this, “Own It.”

We can abstract this 2 levels.  The first level is this, Non Servium.  The highest angel will be beneath Created Flesh in Jesus Christ?  Beneath the Virgin Mary?  He will not serve under these conditions,  It’s not his fault.  Our response?  Servium.  I WILL serve the Lord.

And the ultimate level, God is Evil.  The spiritual beings, pure spirit, are higher than man.  Therefore God is disordered and evil by proclaiming the Incarnation (a kernel that shows up in my most detested heretics, the neo-Jansenists).  Our response?  Life is Great, the Truth is always Beautiful, and God is the Form of the Good.  We live to love the Lord Who is Love itself.


A history of the Terror War in Syria:  In 2006 Hezbollah beat Israel in a war.  The End.

The Syrian Terror War was a mistake of epic proportions.  Relations with Assad thawed out after 9-11.  We should have used Russia and negotiated a defunding of aid to Hezbollah.  Instead we launched the Terror War.  Assad/Russia has won with the result that Hezbollah has gained offensive capabilities/experience, and Assad is now deeply beholden  to Iran.  This is the mess Trump inherited from Obama.  On top of that Trump has the traitor Kushner on his team.

Here’s what’s going on.  The US has cut a deal with Saliman.  He gets power in SA and will one day be king.  In exchange he is going after Hezbollah in Lebanon.  I don’t expect it to stop there, Iran is now in play.  Saliman is a good friend of Kushner and he is now allied with Israel.

The stick was Las Vegas.  Paddock was not the shooter.  He was a money launderer.  Paddock didn’t make money playing video poker, as that is impossible over the long run.  Paddock lost money but declared on his IRS 1040 he made money.  Paddock was into arms dealing or drugs, probably the former.

Saliman is part owner of Mandalay.  I would not be surprised if there is moslem terrorist material planted in the shooter’s nest.  Or maybe it is legit.  Either way, Saliman and Saudi Arabia would get crushed if word of this got out.  So Saliman went with the program.


The Bat

Consider the bat, which uses echo location (sonar) to locate prey.  The existence of echo location raises a question with two possible answers.  How does the bat interact with the sonar information it receives:

  1.  It is purely mechanical, similar to an onboard targeting controller on a torpedo equipped with sonar.
  2. It “senses” the prey, as a qualia.  A sense we can never know about, i.e. how it feels.  Similar to the fact you can never show me “blue” as you sense it.

This question is unsolvable, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to answer.  Pondering this will give you insight into the immaterial world, which exists.  The existence of the immaterial world is a fatal flaw for atheists.

Podcast Ep 29 Feminism

Around 1990 Ford introduced the Explorer.  What was it?  It was a station wagon that was wrapped in a masculine veneer that allowed women to buy it.  Why does a station wagon need to be masculinized in order to allow women to buy it?  Listen to the podcast.

One more thing, I left out something comical I’ve noticed about women.  Minor, but part of the ideal is to be “interested in travel”.   That’s been going around.

Download Link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/catholicsubsidiarity/Ep_29_Feminism.mp3

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