Consider “White”.  It is a qualia like other “colors”, and shares the same essence.  It materially does not exist.  It is immaterial.

However White differs from other qualia in an important way.  White does not even have a message transfer component, which IS material, i.e. photons at call it 350 THz transmits the information “Red” (though this is just a guess, as my “Red” might be your “Green”).

However White does not have this.  We “see” white when a full spectrum of photons strikes our cones.  The cones do not have the resolution to separate out the various photons, and so the impulse of all of the frequencies sent through the optic nerve is perceived as “White”.  However in the material world there is NO frequency that corresponds to “White”.  Think about it until you get it.  Not only is White qua White immaterial, there is nothing in the material world that corresponds to transmitting “White”.

The proof is easy.  Shine red light at a whiteboard, and you will see a red board.  Another proof is the prism, which reveals the “White” is a mirage, in fact there is a full spectrum of frequencies present.

The significance of this is in the existence theorem.  Note there is no existence theorem for qualia.  However you could START an existence theorem for most qualia, however you eventually reach a dead end.  So an existence theorem for “Red” would START with observing that 350 THz photons corresponds with Red.  You can’t even START an existence theorem with “White”.

The immaterial world exists, and that is a fatal error for atheism.

The Bat

Consider the bat, which uses echo location (sonar) to locate prey.  The existence of echo location raises a question with two possible answers.  How does the bat interact with the sonar information it receives:

  1.  It is purely mechanical, similar to an onboard targeting controller on a torpedo equipped with sonar.
  2. It “senses” the prey, as a qualia.  A sense we can never know about, i.e. how it feels.  Similar to the fact you can never show me “blue” as you sense it.

This question is unsolvable, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to answer.  Pondering this will give you insight into the immaterial world, which exists.  The existence of the immaterial world is a fatal flaw for atheists.

Podcast Ep 29 Feminism

Around 1990 Ford introduced the Explorer.  What was it?  It was a station wagon that was wrapped in a masculine veneer that allowed women to buy it.  Why does a station wagon need to be masculinized in order to allow women to buy it?  Listen to the podcast.

One more thing, I left out something comical I’ve noticed about women.  Minor, but part of the ideal is to be “interested in travel”.   That’s been going around.

Download Link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/catholicsubsidiarity/Ep_29_Feminism.mp3

Burke Update

My original story on Burke was incorrect.  Burke did NOT sign the letter denouncing the heresies of Bergoglio.  The most prominent signature so far is Bishop Fellay of the SSPX.

And it gets worse.  In a brilliant move, Bergoglio has reappointed Cardinal Burke as the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.  This will be viewed as an endorsement of Bergoglio by his main antagonist.  Clearly the accusations of heresy has the Vatican worried.

Pray for Cardinal Burke that he will ignore all threats and pressures he faces, so that he will do the right thing.  As of now Catholics hold the heretical view that they can divorce and remarry, due to the teachings of Bergoglio.  These are grave times.

Anti-Atheist Free Guide

Attached is a free guide for A Young Catholic’s Guide to Defending the Faith.  This is an excellent homeschooling tool to keep your kids from becoming atheist.  Clink on this link to download:  Teachers Guide

The book is available for purchase at this link:  (Remember to rate and leave a comment).


Note even if you don’t homeschool, you can still use this book and guide to teach your kids.  People who teach CCD should also take a look.