Podcast Ep 29 Feminism

Around 1990 Ford introduced the Explorer.  What was it?  It was a station wagon that was wrapped in a masculine veneer that allowed women to buy it.  Why does a station wagon need to be masculinized in order to allow women to buy it?  Listen to the podcast.

One more thing, I left out something comical I’ve noticed about women.  Minor, but part of the ideal is to be “interested in travel”.   That’s been going around.

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The Left Eats Itself


In my book I create a Left/Right political spectrum of liberty on the Right and Statism on the Left.  Thus the National Socialist Nazis are hard Left.  Others have contrasted it as Individual/Collective.

We observe throughout history that the Left eats itself.  How do you explain that?

First, consider that the left is Statist and Collectivist.  Who are the type that are attracted to this world view?  Consider one of the flaws we observe in the US government is that a Donald Trump is extremely rare.  Getting to the point, successful people don’t want to go into government.   They’d rather be producers and creators in the private sector.  The losers end up in the government and over time the country degenerates.

This then is a key feature of the Left.  They are losers and parasites, haters and worshipers of death.  What do these people have in their life?  The only thing they have is the Party, and the society, circle of friends, that surrounds that.  Threaten that, and you threaten everything they have.

Second, the Left rests on shifting sands.  We can look at the spectrum of politics through another lense: reason vs. emotion.  The Right stands on first principles, logic, and reason.  The Left stands on emotions — how does it make you feel?  (This by the way is why I support a Constitutional Aristocratic Republic, where the aristocracy is defined as married men.)  The bottom line is that the policies of the Left are always changing depending on what people are emotional about at the time.

Put together, and the denizens of the Left must always feel a bit paranoid that they will lose everything.  They are always checking in on what they are SUPPOSED to feel and say.  If someone in their ranks gets it wrong, their fellow comrades will immediately attack them as a defensive scape goat.  It is likely that their closest friends will  denounce them the loudest.

This is why the Left ends up eating itself.

Humble Brag

I’ve seen this style, the humble brag, on separate occasions, and it appears to be more popular with females than males. It also appears to be something that leftists like to employ. Here are some examples:

1. There was an article written by a light skinned black woman who was saying she had privilege since she dated successful white guys, and how light skinned blacks had to admit their privilege and have more solidarity with their darker skinned sisters.

2. The countless interviews/articles by women over “cat calling”. Invariably they describe themselves as hot, and how they like to dress in slutty clothes (which they can do because they are hot), followed up with a complaint that they should be able to be so hot and not get cat-called.

3. Women complaining that they can’t get dates, even though they are “HIGHLY successful, intelligent women”.

Now examples 1 and 3 are goofy all-around, and example 2 I can kind of agree with depending on what we define as “cat calling”. However the annoying feature for all of these cases is invariably these girls need to brag how hot/great they are. They are just being catty to other women. It’s annoying, though it has nothing to do with economics.

It’s just that being a High IQ man in great shape that has packs of females throwing themselves at me I wish they would not waste my time, which is so valuable. (I see what he did there.).

Catalan Independence

Be careful going into the weekend. It appears Catalan will declare independence from Spain on Monday. Expect the dollar to rally, gold to rally, and stocks to take a hit if violence breaks out. Good time to be defensive.

Read My Lips

Read My Lips:  No new amnesties.

Meme that if you have the artistic ability.

And Trump strikes out with strike three:

  1. I wrote “Why Trump would Fail” and said I expected at least Obamacare to be repealed because the Republicans couldn’t be that stupid.  I was wrong.
  2. Trump is sending troops to Afghanistan for some unknown reason and has alienated the anti-war (me) wing of his supporters.
  3. Trump is working on amnesty for 800,000 illegals, and doesn’t get anything in return of note.  That’s 640,000 eventual dem voters in Texas, Florida, and Arizona, among other places.
  4. Bonus Strike 4 was raising the debt ceiling.  I don’t totally blame him for that.  We all know that the repubs would have caved, so Trump defanged the dems on their ploy.  Repubs would have been beat up by the press, and after being totally shamed, they would have caved anyway.   It is more a reflection on how screwed up a good chunk of the repubs are, and especially the leadership, than shading Trump.  I have to throw them a bone on the Senate.  With McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the 2 women Senators, kiss any real spending reform goodbye.

Go back and listen to my “Forward” podcast.  I’m not surprised at this, though it is more complete than I imagined.

Why is Trump doing something so stupid?  I can think of a few reasons:

  1.  4D Chess.  I doubt it, but he will get dems and repubs in Trump states to vote for amnesty.  This could help a lot during 2018 midterms assuming his base isn’t completely demoralized.  Possible.
  2. He’s cutting a deal with the dems, likely with tax reform.  He understands that the market is going to tank, likely in 2018, but definitely before 2020, and wants to help the economy.  Likely.
  3. He truly wants to give these people residency and eventual citizenship.  Also likely.  Trump isn’t the Nazi the press makes him out to be.

Bottom line the USA is so far gone there is no way to get the reforms we need.  With amnesty we’ll ratchet one more click to the Left and eventually lose Florida, Texas, and Arizona.  The path to the third world hell hole is almost a certainty.



Hurricane Harvey

Most likely if you talked to your coworkers today gathered around the coffee pot, someone talked about Hurricane Harvey and Globull Warming. It’s a big fat lie, propagated by the gay stream media as part of their socialist Climate Change narrative. Here are the facts:

  • Harvey was not that impressive.  Supposedly a Cat 4 storm, it was likely a Cat 3.  NOAA bumped it up most likely off a radar reading.  To put it plainly, Texas experienced Cat 3 winds, and wind damage was minor.  This is a big tell on the strength of the storm.
  • Storm surge was minor.  This is another tell.
  • The Gulf of Mexico has normal temperatures.  In fact Texas has experienced a relatively (by Texas standards) mild summer.  It’s a typical Texas summer.
  • The damage has come from flooding, and this is the part you need to understand.
  • Park a hurricane, half over water, half over land, and leave it relatively stationary for 5 freaking days.  Yes, the rainfall will be immense.
  • Bottom line Harvey is the result of a blocking weather pattern that has kept it in the Houston area for 5 days.  It has nothing to do with Globull Warming, it was a weather set up.

Now the impacts.  I contacted someone in Houston and as far as he can tell the damage is concentrated around Buffalo Bayou.  The rest of Houston is fine.  He believes they’ll take the week off and downtown Houston will “restart” next week.  He also thinks the refineries will restart soon.  Though this is not to downplay the residential damage to homes along Buffalo Bayou — insurance companies are going to have to get out the check book in a big way.

As far as impacts on refining, he believes the area of concern is the Neches River corridor, east of Houston which stretches from Port Arthur up to Beaumont.  This is also the greatest concentration of refining in the USA, though Houston is the second largest.  He has no intel about any flood damage to those refineries but they are getting clobbered with rain.

Colonial pipeline is down, until you get over to Lake Charles and NOLA.   The cause is the pipeline booster stations.  Therefore there is reduced refined products heading all the way up to New York.  Biggest impact will probably be Atlanta since it is land locked.  This will be relieved next week as Houston refineries restart.  There may be some longer impacts due to the Neches River corridor.

All in all the fuel disruption will not be catastrophic.  You’ll see elevated fuel prices for a few weeks as the market allocates barrels away from India and Europe.  Also, we still have high levels of refined products in storage.  One concern is jet fuel, as some airports are connected to Colonial for “just-in-time” deliveries.  Since Colonial still has supply from Lake Charles, NOLA, and Pasquagula, they can prioritize pipeline space to jet fuel.  Shortages of gasoline and diesel can be alleviated by water born barrels.

At this point the economic impact will be short lived.