Climate Hoax

Minnesota has set a record low for a particular date, Dec. 26.  Statistically this is POSSIBLE under the global warming hoax, but highly IMPROBABLE.  But it gets worse.

The all-time record low for Minnesota was set in 1996.  An ALL TIME record low is IMPOSSIBLE under the global warming hoax theory.  You can figure out why, but I’ll give you some hints.  First it happens when the ground is snow covered to block heat from the earth.  Second it happens at night due to radiative cooling.  Third, it occurs during low dew points when the air is bone dry and there is no water vapor present (a green house gas).  In 1996 the concentration of CO2 was close to 400 ppm, which is where it is at today.

The conclusion is that CO2 at 400 ppm. is not an important factor for temperature.

Free Market

Do you want an example of a free market success?  The internet.  Barriers to entry are pathetically low, and the regulatory environment is tiny, at best call it min-archist.  So what has been the result?

It’s probably a trillion dollar industry.  Look at the total revolution in media and retail shopping.  When you consider the disadvantage of individual shipping vs. the modern distribution of places like Walmart, it is amazing to see the success of online retail.

Consider the media and the 2016 election.  In the free market of the online world, previously unknown media firms, down to a guy streaming with his I-phone, displaced the legacy media and got Donald Trump elected.  That is the power of the Free Market.

Now imagine if we eliminated fascism and socialism from our economy and this type of innovation and freedom, where the bulk of regulation is handled by one question: Am I exchanging value for value?,  was the norm.  Imagine the economic prosperity of such a place.  Think about the enormous price we pay to allow parasites, looters, and sociopathic power grabbers to exist in their current state.

The internet as we know it is marked for elimination by the power hungry nutcases.  We see it with social media.  They are acting now via fascism to shutdown the alt-media, with some benefit for 2018, though the prize is the 2020 election.  Alt-tech is providing alternatives, so support alt-tech.

Clinton Arrest?

There’s been a lot of stories going around, most centered on Q over at 4chan that there have been a lot of arrests.  You never know, and realistically you give it a 20% prob.

Then it was McCain.  A new photo has emerged that raises the prob. to 80%.  Here it is:

Seems like the ankle bracelet got switched or something.  Note Hillary and Chelsea are also wearing boots.  The speculation is that they are doing this to cover up the ankle tracking bracelet worn during house arrest.

Podcast Ep. 31: Tolerance

A discussion on Tolerance, Diversity, and Inclusion.

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Lads, if you want to follow the advise in the podcast, review the EEOC field manual that their agents use in investigating a complaint.  When filing a complaint, make sure that you make it easy for the EEOC agent to rule in your favor.  Remember, he will go through this manual, so tee it up for him.  So if you go to diversity training and are asked to describe how homosexuals would benefit your workplace, you would state: “As a Catholic, my sincerely held religious belief is that homosexual acts are always gravely evil.  Therefore that is my answer.  Furthermore, answering this question provides no business purpose, especially since I am an accountant that enters invoices in the computer.  Furthermore allowing me to skip this question clearly is a de minimus cost.”  Here’s their manual:

Podcast Ep 29 Feminism

Around 1990 Ford introduced the Explorer.  What was it?  It was a station wagon that was wrapped in a masculine veneer that allowed women to buy it.  Why does a station wagon need to be masculinized in order to allow women to buy it?  Listen to the podcast.

One more thing, I left out something comical I’ve noticed about women.  Minor, but part of the ideal is to be “interested in travel”.   That’s been going around.

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The Left Eats Itself


In my book I create a Left/Right political spectrum of liberty on the Right and Statism on the Left.  Thus the National Socialist Nazis are hard Left.  Others have contrasted it as Individual/Collective.

We observe throughout history that the Left eats itself.  How do you explain that?

First, consider that the left is Statist and Collectivist.  Who are the type that are attracted to this world view?  Consider one of the flaws we observe in the US government is that a Donald Trump is extremely rare.  Getting to the point, successful people don’t want to go into government.   They’d rather be producers and creators in the private sector.  The losers end up in the government and over time the country degenerates.

This then is a key feature of the Left.  They are losers and parasites, haters and worshipers of death.  What do these people have in their life?  The only thing they have is the Party, and the society, circle of friends, that surrounds that.  Threaten that, and you threaten everything they have.

Second, the Left rests on shifting sands.  We can look at the spectrum of politics through another lense: reason vs. emotion.  The Right stands on first principles, logic, and reason.  The Left stands on emotions — how does it make you feel?  (This by the way is why I support a Constitutional Aristocratic Republic, where the aristocracy is defined as married men.)  The bottom line is that the policies of the Left are always changing depending on what people are emotional about at the time.

Put together, and the denizens of the Left must always feel a bit paranoid that they will lose everything.  They are always checking in on what they are SUPPOSED to feel and say.  If someone in their ranks gets it wrong, their fellow comrades will immediately attack them as a defensive scape goat.  It is likely that their closest friends will  denounce them the loudest.

This is why the Left ends up eating itself.