Climate Hoax

Minnesota has set a record low for a particular date, Dec. 26.  Statistically this is POSSIBLE under the global warming hoax, but highly IMPROBABLE.  But it gets worse.

The all-time record low for Minnesota was set in 1996.  An ALL TIME record low is IMPOSSIBLE under the global warming hoax theory.  You can figure out why, but I’ll give you some hints.  First it happens when the ground is snow covered to block heat from the earth.  Second it happens at night due to radiative cooling.  Third, it occurs during low dew points when the air is bone dry and there is no water vapor present (a green house gas).  In 1996 the concentration of CO2 was close to 400 ppm, which is where it is at today.

The conclusion is that CO2 at 400 ppm. is not an important factor for temperature.

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