Free Market

Do you want an example of a free market success?  The internet.  Barriers to entry are pathetically low, and the regulatory environment is tiny, at best call it min-archist.  So what has been the result?

It’s probably a trillion dollar industry.  Look at the total revolution in media and retail shopping.  When you consider the disadvantage of individual shipping vs. the modern distribution of places like Walmart, it is amazing to see the success of online retail.

Consider the media and the 2016 election.  In the free market of the online world, previously unknown media firms, down to a guy streaming with his I-phone, displaced the legacy media and got Donald Trump elected.  That is the power of the Free Market.

Now imagine if we eliminated fascism and socialism from our economy and this type of innovation and freedom, where the bulk of regulation is handled by one question: Am I exchanging value for value?,  was the norm.  Imagine the economic prosperity of such a place.  Think about the enormous price we pay to allow parasites, looters, and sociopathic power grabbers to exist in their current state.

The internet as we know it is marked for elimination by the power hungry nutcases.  We see it with social media.  They are acting now via fascism to shutdown the alt-media, with some benefit for 2018, though the prize is the 2020 election.  Alt-tech is providing alternatives, so support alt-tech.

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