It’s Not my Fault

If you want to distill modern man, it reduces to an incesant desire to be placed in a position where you may convincingly bleat:

It’s Not My Fault.

We saw it in Detroit.  Everyone saw the problem a decade prior to the collapse.  But government let it grow so that when it finally collapsed, turned over to a bankruptcy board, the government could bleat, “What were we supposed to do?  It was such a big problem.”  Your boss ever stab you in the back and blame you?  Another example, it is a common though strange phenomenon that as a contractor if you don’t charge enough, you won’t win a contract.  That is because management wants to be able to go to the Board if things go south and say, “It wasn’t our fault.  We hired the best of the best.”.  Another example?  Russiagate.  At this level, how do you fight it in your personal life?

It’s my fault.  Things are screwed up, it’s your fault.  We have a modern way of saying this, “Own It.”

We can abstract this 2 levels.  The first level is this, Non Servium.  The highest angel will be beneath Created Flesh in Jesus Christ?  Beneath the Virgin Mary?  He will not serve under these conditions,  It’s not his fault.  Our response?  Servium.  I WILL serve the Lord.

And the ultimate level, God is Evil.  The spiritual beings, pure spirit, are higher than man.  Therefore God is disordered and evil by proclaiming the Incarnation (a kernel that shows up in my most detested heretics, the neo-Jansenists).  Our response?  Life is Great, the Truth is always Beautiful, and God is the Form of the Good.  We live to love the Lord Who is Love itself.