A history of the Terror War in Syria:  In 2006 Hezbollah beat Israel in a war.  The End.

The Syrian Terror War was a mistake of epic proportions.  Relations with Assad thawed out after 9-11.  We should have used Russia and negotiated a defunding of aid to Hezbollah.  Instead we launched the Terror War.  Assad/Russia has won with the result that Hezbollah has gained offensive capabilities/experience, and Assad is now deeply beholden  to Iran.  This is the mess Trump inherited from Obama.  On top of that Trump has the traitor Kushner on his team.

Here’s what’s going on.  The US has cut a deal with Saliman.  He gets power in SA and will one day be king.  In exchange he is going after Hezbollah in Lebanon.  I don’t expect it to stop there, Iran is now in play.  Saliman is a good friend of Kushner and he is now allied with Israel.

The stick was Las Vegas.  Paddock was not the shooter.  He was a money launderer.  Paddock didn’t make money playing video poker, as that is impossible over the long run.  Paddock lost money but declared on his IRS 1040 he made money.  Paddock was into arms dealing or drugs, probably the former.

Saliman is part owner of Mandalay.  I would not be surprised if there is moslem terrorist material planted in the shooter’s nest.  Or maybe it is legit.  Either way, Saliman and Saudi Arabia would get crushed if word of this got out.  So Saliman went with the program.